The Center for the Study of ego-documents Prozhito at the European University in St. Petersburg was established in August 2019 by an agreement on cooperation between the “Prozhito” Fund and EUSP. The center works with written sources that fall into a broad interpretation of the concept of “ego-document”: texts testifying to the past in the first person.

Prozhito aims to publish copies of manuscripts and their complete transcripts on the Center’s website. First of all, they are interested in texts in which the researcher encounters the “I”: diaries, memoirs and letters. In addition, the Center plans to collect genre collections: poetry and literature, handwritten folklore collections, demo albums, school profiles, chronicles, genealogies, children’s art and other documents.

The main task of the center is to develop an electronic platform for creating inter-archive collections of documents, collecting and publishing documents from family meetings, built on the most common and popular formats and regulations for data processing. The digital archive of the center should become not only a space for preserving manuscripts and texts, but also a source for humanitarian research using digital methods, and a tool for preparing data for computer analysis.

The center accepts digital copies of sources and deposits electronic texts for storage. Materials are annotated, partially or completely decrypted, marked out and become part of electronic storage. They can publish the texts of personal diaries in the archive Prozhito. Manuscripts themselves, images and texts of other genres we accept for storage until the opening of the electronic Center Archive.

The center is working on creating inter-archive collections of digitized documents in partnership with research centers, libraries, museums and archives. The “Live” center plans to develop a digital archive as a civil science project and involve volunteers, authors of materials and their heirs in their work. The center plans to develop tools for collaborating on decoding texts and independently creating an electronic family archive of an electronic site.


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Address: Gagarinskaya, 6/1 lit.A., office 128, St. Petersburg, 191187, Russia.

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