Le Stelle in Tasca


The archive is the intangible cultural heritage of the autobiographical imaginary ateliers of the Le Stelle Tasca organisation. The autobiographical writings have been collected since 2005. They are donated by Sicilian authors who participated in yearly autobiographical and biographical writing-themed workshops and/or to the monthly meetings of the autobiographical reading and listening groups of self and others. Other contributions were donated by the Italian and international authors who took part in the Thrinak├Ča International Prize of the autobiographical, biographical and poetic writings dedicated to Sicily.

The full catalogue of the Sicilian Memory and Imaginary Archive is available online. The archival collection is structured by lists of authors and titles.

The voluntary organisation mission is led by the core values of respect for life and the human person. We also strongly believe in the bonding value of citizenship created through personal and communal history/historiography. The promoted activities aim to create a participatory experience where existence is defined by the elaboration of an inclusive idea of life that is capable of generating solidarity and reciprocity, feelings based on self-and mutual recognition.

On the YouTube channel of the ateliers, one can follow the publication of the audio-videos of a selection of readings of autobiographical texts from the archive.

Le Stelle in Tasca organises the annual Thrinak├Ča International Prize for Autobiographical, Biographical and Poetic Writings, dedicated to the island and people of Sicily. Begun in 2013, the award was born in the context of the social and cultural animation project of the ateliers of the autobiographical imagery, enhancing the writing of oneself through a sensitive listening to oneself and the other, and a pedagogy of memory and imagination, while stimulating the narrative identities of the authors and of them through the memory and imagination of Sicily. 


Website: www.lestelleintasca.org
Email: info@lestelleintasca.org
Phone: (+39) 095531729
Mobile phone: (+39) 3342244018
Address: via Pietro Mascagni 20, 95131 Catania

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