Arquivo dos Diários


Archive of Diaries, founded in 2013, in Lisbon, Portugal, is a non-profit association dedicated to the preservation of autobiographical memories set in diaries, letters or any other medium that allows the recognition of the life stories of men and women. 

It seeks to preserve, value and disseminate the memories of ordinary people, recognizing that by giving voice to these testimonies of personal life it is contributing to a more democratic and faithful knowledge of history, as well as to building a more positive identity.

Through the sharing of these testimonies, of these narratives, the Archive of Diaries aim to make visible the experiences and events that each person has lived, sharing them with society. Archive of Diaries is a space for collecting and preserving these testimonies (diaries, letters, videos and memories of the most varied people) and is open to the public so that they can also be consulted.

The main objective is to collect transversal testimonies to all spheres of society in terms of age, profession, sex, race, experience and life, among many other conditions and circumstances. What makes these testimonies so relevant – even if they have no literary value in some cases – is the fact that they exist even by the hand of people who have very little schooling. The diary is often a need for expression, a direct channel for communicating emotions, feelings and, for this very reason, a sincere testimony.

Archive of Diaries collaborates with others European Institutions that works on the same themes, participates in several local and national initiatives in partnership with public and private bodies and works in artistic objects about memory with national and international partners (“Through the memories” – 2017 – Europe for Citizens, “Store the Future” — Artists, memoirs and civil rights for Europe in third Millennium / STF funded by European Cooperation Projects 2018 a cooperation between artists, companies and archives of Portugal, Italy, France and Croatia and “Migrants Diaries”- 2021- 2023 – FSE Portugal 2020). 


Address: Rua do Saco 1, 1100 Lisboa, Portugal

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