APA-AML (Autobiographical Heritage at the Archives and Museum of Literature)


The Autobiographical Heritage at the Archives and Museum of Literature, is a research and reading group dedicated to the collection and preservation of autobiographical writings by ordinary people that have not been recognised by the literary institution.

Of most interest to the APA-AML are materials wherein the ego (the subject, the I) is expressed or analysed — as is the case with diaries, travel journals, war-time detention accounts, autobiographies, memoirs, correspondence, among many others. These can be carried by media other than the written verbal text; voice recordings, images, iconic productions, can all form part of the APA-AML’s archive if produced with an autobiographical intent. The consultation of their collection is open to the public, in the AML reading room during the opening hours of the Royal Library of Belgium.

The Archives and Museum of Literature is the most important documentation centre on literary and theatrical life in Francophone Belgium. This refers, on the one hand, to the archives stricto sensu (manuscripts; correspondence; photographs; audiovisual materials; prints; artworks), often gathered in “fonds”, and, on the other hand, an extensive library collection of books and magazines.

The AML also holds collections related to an array of topics including French language literature, Central African affairs, and international poetry. At the heart of their collection are private archives of writers; literary or theatrical personalities; artists from French-speaking Belgium; and archives of institutions, theatres, associations relating to the cultural life of the French-speaking part of Belgium.

They welcome anyone conducting research in literature, art history, or history, to delve into their materials. The association also has a relationship with archival schools and offers their students access to their collection.

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Webpage: http://www.aml-cfwb.be/archives/fondsapaaml
Email: info@aml-cfwb.be
Telephone: +32 2 519 55 76
Address: Bibliothèque Royale, Boulevard de l’Emprereur 4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

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