Film about diaries: “Diaries. Inscribed in history”

Diary film : Inscribed in history. The Collection of Women’s Estates at the University of Vienna from Collection of Women’s Estates on Vimeo .

2014, 20 minutes (in German).

The work of the Sammlung Frauennachlässe is presented on the basis of selected diary collections from the collection of women’s estates, basic questions of genre discussions from auto / biographical sources are discussed and projects from research and university teaching are presented.

The diary of a retired social worker from the 1990s is presented, as is that of a confectioner from the 19th century or a Viennese woman who lived (during the time of the Second World War) in what was then known as a “non-privileged mixed marriage”.

  • Director: Markus Hintermayer and Christian Steiner
  • Content: Christa Hämmerle and Li Gerhalter
  • Camera: Eduard Klinger and Christian Steiner
  • Editing: Christian Steiner
  • With: Christa Hämmerle, Li Gerhalter, Martin Scheutz and Theresa Adamsk

A production by the Central IT Service of the University of Vienna in cooperation with the Collection of Women’s Estates and the History Program Director (2014).

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